Secure communication
Highest security Highest performance Highest flexibility
Secure communication
Highest security Highest performance Highest flexibility

Your Benefits

Highest Security

With end to end communication, – encryption, – authentication and perfect forward
secrecy, BRAVIS is equipped for all security requirements. End-to-end encryption
alone is insufficient for a convincing level of security, because it is also necessary for
the keys also to be replaced on a secure basis. This is ensured by end-to-end
authentication. You can rely on us, your communication is 100% secure!

Highest performance

At BRAVIS, communication servers are conspicuous due to their absence. For you, that means: Regardless of how many conferences take place at the same time, at BRAVIS, your communications are always of the highest quality. BRAVIS also offers communication in your Intranet between locations and employees at the highest quality. And to achieve this, you don’t have to send a single Bit through the firewall.

Highest flexibility

BRAVIS is made in Germany, and was developed at Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg. We can adapt our solution to any use scenario and equip it with additional features accordingly. That is a decisive advantage for your business. For this purpose, standard WhiteLabel products and individual solutions are available. We support you with the integration of the BRAVIS library in your software product.

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In addition to genuine end-to-end communication with the accompanying encryption, at BRAVIS you get a genuine end-to-end authentication which ensures your encryption according to the guidelines of the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) /BSI TR 02102-2. Conferences with BRAVIS are VS-NfD compliant.


For your closed Intranet, we offer you our in-house solution on the basis of a consistent P2P infrastructure. This provides you with the highest security within your network. On the basis of the consistent peer-to-peer infrastructure, BRAVIS can also ensure communication between the participants in externally-closed networks. The in-house solution is perfectly suited to this case of use.


Easy-to-operate, two-window design with offline (instant message, data transfer) and online functions (multiple audio and video participants, sharing, hosting). Would you like your own application / APP? We offer WhiteLabel or integration. We create your communication software on the basis of your case of use.


You don’t have to create any communication spaces or make specific arrangements - just get going with Bravis

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BRAVIS International


The video conference solution for all your work with business partners, colleagues and customers worldwide, directly from the workplace or conference room. The secure video conference software business solution is available for 16 participants/conference rooms simultaneously. Convince yourself of the many useful features as well as the ease-of-use of the application at the workplace or in the conference room. The BRAVIS solution can be adapted individually to many different areas of use, whether as a WhiteLabel, as individual software, or for integration in your application. We focus strongly on research and development. We are currently developing the following services for you:

Automatic logging of IamProVi video conferences

FreDD barrier-free video discussions

Secure data transfer channel as a separate product

BRAVIS International


Peer-to-peer conferencing is the response to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been binding in the EU since May 2018, and which also has the special objective of protecting patients and their health data.


For this reason, we have set up the BRAVISmed business division for you, which has been operating for you in Berlin since April 2019. For further details, see BRAVISmed.


BRAVISmed provides secure BRAVIS communication technology in the health care sector.


Contact us for further information: BRAVISmed

Director of the Business Division:

Dr. Thomas Wille

Grünauer Straße 12

12524 Berlin


Tel.: 030 76 101 639


BRAVIS International


BRAVISlaw offers you GDPR-compliant video conference technology with which you can guarantee your confidentiality obligations, and solicitors are able to fulfil their official obligations to fulfil the GDPR. The access to the video conference for the client can be easily installed with two clicks.


BRAVISlaw enables conferences with up to 16 participants without having a negative impact on the system of secure and authenticated communication. BRAVISlaw is also suitable for communication in legal proceedings and for meetings at authorities and organisations.


Contact us for further information:

Director of the Business Division:

Ulf Schönenberg-Wessel

Lehmberg 9

24103 Kiel


Tel.: 0431