Host Guest package

BRAVIS Video Conferencing – Host Guest Package

Customers who do not need their own BRAVIS application, but still want to communicate with you

Business partners who want to communicate efficiently with you for a certain period of time

Tax consultants and clients

Lawyers and clients

Doctors and patients

Employees who do not require a permanent license

For these and other application possibilities there is the host package from BRAVIS

Inviting a guest

The host creates a new guest in the application (name, first name, and email address)

It generates a PIN number.

An email is automatically sent to the guest with a link to the application and the PIN.

Guest clicks the link in his mail and enters the PIN

Software is set up and ready for communication with the host.

<b>No installation or admin rights necessary!</b>

see also Video Online Law Firm


Videoconference with up to 16 participants

Up to HD 720p resolution

End-to-end encryption

Application Sharing – Nutzen Sie, gemeinsam mit allen Teilnehmern, Ihre Anwendungen, wie Warenwirtschaftssysteme, Präsentationen und alle weiteren fensterbasierten Softwareprodukte

Desktop sharing - Share your entire desktop, individual screens or screen areas with other participants

File transfer - for easy data exchange between conference topics even without a conference

Private / group chat

Instant messaging

Presence Status

Address book

Automatic video window arrangement

Call forwarding

Does not require a conference server (provider independent)

No ongoing connection costs (except Internet connection, electricity etc.)

Combines the advantages of different video conferencing systems

Low system requirements, except for headset and webcam, only an ordinary PC with Internet connection is required

Intuitive operation

Recommended system equipment

PC systems with Intel Core i5 or comparable**

4 GB RAM or more

Commercially available headset

Commercially available webcam

Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Mac OS X

* Actual system performance may vary depending on equipment. Higher requirements for FullHD transmission.

Minimum 128 kBit/s upload and download capacity for 1:1 connection, minimum 1 MBit/s upload and download capacity for HD video 1:1 connection, higher bandwidth requirements for increasing conference sizes

Please contact us for a non-binding offer based on your application.

A prerequisite for the purchase of the Host Package is the Business Package.
The Host Package is purchased on a rental basis.
The number of guests is unlimited and included in the price.