BRAVIS Video Conferencing – Unite

Extend your software with a secure video conferencing module – Bravis Unite

With BRAVIS unite, BRAVIS Professional has now gone one step further. With it, you can extend your company-specific software with the video conference component.

BRAVIS unite is the core of the BRAVIS software – without its user interface. The entire logic and network communication is in this component so that it can be integrated into other applications.

BRAVIS unite is now equipped with an end-to-end security architecture. With this security, the German Data Protection Act can be observed even in sensitive areas such as eHealth or BOS.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end authentication

Pure peer to peer connection and

Perfect forward secrecy

Easy extension of software with a video conference component

Guaranteed safe and closed groups on the Internet

Simple programming interface

A customer who wants to add a videoconferencing component to their software only needs to develop a user interface that meets their requirements.

BRAVIS International GmbH also offers this service.

There is a simple programming interface with functions such as “Call address xxx” or “Request online status for address xxx” – in fact everything that the BRAVIS software also offers in its functionality. Knowledge in the area of video communication is not required. The integration of the video conferencing component can already be done with little effort.

Technical data for developers

BRAVIS unite runs natively on x86 and x64 under Windows 10

BRAVIS unite runs natively on Mac OS X 11

C++ Interface


Videoconference with up to 16 participants with resolutions up to FullHD*

Video and audio transmission of all participants

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end authentication

Display of the presence status of contacts

Sending and receiving instant messages

Compatibility to BRAVIS Professional

Requires no conference server

Combines the advantages of different video conferencing systems

Low system requirements

* All participants need a licensed version of the BRAVIS software

Recommended system equipment

PC systems with Intel Core i5 or comparable**

4 GB RAM or more

Commercially available headset

Commercially available webcam

Windows 10 / Mac OS X 11

** Actual system performance may vary depending on equipment.

Higher bandwidth requirements for increasing conference sizes

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