Conference room package

BRAVIS Video Conferencing – Conference Room Package

Up to now, equipping and operating a video conference room has usually been associated with very high costs and no less administrative effort. The Conference Room package enables you to enter the world of video conference rooms with simple hardware and software components.

The BRAVIS video conference solution allows you to equip “your” conference room according to your wishes. No matter if beamer, TFT display, directional microphones or hands-free kits from different manufacturers.

We would be pleased to advise you on the selection of the suitable hardware components for a BRAVIS video conference room. For further information please contact Alternatively you can use our configurator

Also available as in-house version

Best transmission quality through bandwidth management

Optimal conference control (discussion / presentation / conference)


Includes license conference room

Full compatibility to all other BRAVIS Professional variants of version 2.x

Up to FullHD 1080p resolution

Support for conference room devices from different manufacturers

Audio settings optimized for conference rooms

Approved for use in conference rooms

Recommended system equipment

Try our configurator for your individual hardware recommendation

PC systems with Intel Core i5 or comparable**

4 GB RAM or more

PTZ camera

Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Mac OS X

** Die tatsächliche Systemleistung kann je nach Ausstattung varrieren. Höhere Anforderungen für FullHD-Übertragung.


Minimum 128 kBit/s Up- und Downloadkapazität für 1:1 Verbindung, Minimum 1 MBit/s Up- und Downloadkapazität für HD-Video 1:1 Verbindung, höherer Bandbreitenbedarf für steigende Konferenzgrößen

Please contact us for a non-binding offer based on your application.

The package can only be purchased together with a business package.