Digitization with BRAVIS

BRAVIS video conference – Digitization with BRAVIS

Digitisation is not waiting and is fundamentally changing the health sector.


Since May 2018, the basic data protection regulation (DSGVO) has been in force in all EU countries, for every person, for every business case and thus also for medical applications of digital solutions.


This means above all that data use must be authorised and proven. In addition, all technical possibilities must be used to prevent misuse.


This makes data exchange a critical step in the digitalization process. Misuse means excluding attacks. The best way to do this is to eliminate the server as a point of attack.


This is exactly the basic idea of BRAVISmed solutions: Peer-to-peer also as conference with up to 16 participants, data exchange without control via a server.

The BRAVIS technology has already proven that it is capable of redefining international standards for secure and cost-effective video conference systems. Nevertheless, it guarantees all possibilities that modern video communication should offer.


Offers for mobile health can be realized with little effort (on existing mobile devices and PCs. A special infrastructure is not necessary. What’s more, communication is guaranteed to remain within the controlled EU area because it does not require a server).


Remote patient monitoring is not only easy, inexpensive and secure with this approach The DSGVO is fully implemented by the active role of the patient (or the person to be cared for), as every data transfer (even to several participants) within the video conference is triggered and thus authorized by the data owner.


This opens up completely new possibilities for outpatient (remote) care.

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